Salem’s Confirmation Class meets monthly from September thru May and is led by the pastor(s).  The class meets once a month on Sunday evening from 5 pm to 8 pm in Bethany Hall with an evening meal provided by a rotating team of confirmand parents.

The purpose of Confirmation is for the confirmands to explore their faith and to help them to think theologically.  The program culminates in the Rite of Confirmation when the student, of their own volition, affirms the faith in which they were baptized.

Ideally the Confirmation Program begins for 7th graders, however older students are also very welcome.  The two-year program ends usually with the Confirmand beginning 9th grade.  The Rite of Confirmation takes place at the 11am worship service on the last Sunday in September at the Feast of St. Michael’s and All Angels.

The curriculum is based on the traditional Luther catechetical approach: a study of the Ten Commandments, Apostle’s Creed, the Sacraments and the Lord’s Prayer.  We also include overviews of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the New Testament, Worship and Reformation History.  There are no grades.  This is not a lecture format but instead attempts to be as interactive as possible.

Other program requirements include:

  • Serving as an acolyte
  • Taking sermon notes 24 times during the year
  • Attending the Sunday morning Confirmand class led by Anita Lane and other volunteers
  • Participating in the week-long outdoors Confirmation Camp program at Mar-Lu-Ridge which is usually held in July.

Questions may be directed to Pastor Asendorf at