Guardians of Eden

The Guardians of Eden is an open-ended group within Salem, who, guided by scripture, conscience, and the established social teachings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, seek to inform and equip our congregation for better stewardship of God’s creation.

Past and Ongoing projects

  • Recycling denim for insulation of houses built through Habitat for Humanity
  • Recycling of rubber from shoes for playgrounds and tracks
  • Contribution of money for charities from raffles of a Maryland Basket at Marketplace
  • Plant sales
  • Tour of a local garden containing Native Maryland plants
  • Showcase display of reading material about environmental topics
  • Adoption of storm drains
  • Maintenance of bulletin board of environmental topics
  • Past trips providing education of the importance and health of the Chesapeake Bay an its tributaries
  • Ongoing support to the Patapsco Heritage Greenway
  • Contributions to scholarships to nature camps at the Benjamin Banneker Center


POC:  Norma Hensler-Davis or