Christian Fellowship

The Christian Fellowship Committee (CFC) nurtures activities of faith and fellowship at Salem and helps both new and continuing members find avenues of service, fulfillment, and belonging.

Throughout each year, the CFC plans, hosts, and participates in many of the following fellowship centered activities and events:

  • At Easter-time the CFC helps to decorate Salem’s church sanctuary and other building areas.
  • In April, the Committee holds the Mothers, Daughters, and Friends Luncheon with planned entertainment to enjoy.
  • One Sunday in June, the Committee helps Salem celebrate Summertime’s arrival in treating the congregation to lemon-peppermint sticks, cookies, lemonade, and fellowship after each Service.
  • The Committee also helps Salem plan for some Summer fun in attending a Baltimore Orioles Game during June or July.
  • In September, the CFC assists Salem by holding its annual Open House in conjunction with the Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival on Frederick Road.
  • Later in November, the CFC participates in Salem’s Annual Marketplace.
  • In addition to the above, the CFC hosts a New Member Luncheon every two years to offer the Committee, new members, and continuing congregation members time to gather and enjoy each other’s company through some well planned fun activities.

The Christian Fellowship Committee is always open to anyone interested in helping or joining the CFC throughout the year.

POCs:  Darla Sando  or Pam Wilsey