Agape Art Gallery


  1. Winter Art Show – Power of Machine and Man
  2. Wholehearted Spirited Art Show.
  3. Quilt Art Show


  1. A celebration of Fiber and Color
  2. Sarahdippity Art Show
  3. Tanzania Art Show
  4. Footsteps of Luther Art Show


  1.  Come with me, Field, Forest and Flashing Sea; paintings by Charles Gordon Dentry
  2.  Senior Spring; Paintings by residents of Charlestown and Catonsville Senior Citizens
  3.  Galapagos!; Photographs by G. Davis, L. Kohlenstein, K. Amy and A. Dentry
  4.  Nicaragua: Beauty Revealed; Paintings, Collages and Reliefs by members of the Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance


  1. Telling the Story;  Photos from the Holy Land by recent travelers
  2. Youth Art Show Reboot; youth art from Catonsville
  3.  Distilling the Essence, A Landscape Journey; Pastels by Shirley Hubalek
  4.  A Stitch in Time; Salem Stitchcrafters and friends


  1.  Color in Catonsville: local artists; Barbara Svoboda, Nina Lagervall and MJ Kehne
  2.  Finding Beauty in the Patapsco Valley; Paintings by Ed Johnson
  3.  Circular Reasoning; Howard Greenberg’s Photographs and Drawings
  4.  Quilts as History; African American Quilters of Baltimore


  1. Inaugural Art Show – All Salem Adult Artists
  2. Youth Art Show – Salem youth
  3. Photography Travel Show- Salem photographers
  4. Quilt Art – Salem needlework artists