Art Committee

Mosaic Mural

The Arts Committee works to increase exposure to, appreciation of, and participation in the arts within the church community and the greater Catonsville community.  It is fabricating a mural outside the windows of Bethany Hall and produces Art Shows in the Agape Gallery.

Agape Gallery Shows

2014 – all planned shows were with support from artists in our church:
           Winter:  Adult 2D artists
           Spring:  Youth Artists
           Fall 1:  Photo Travel Show
           Fall 2:  Quilts!
2015 – all planned shows were outreach to artists in the community:
           Winter:  Color in Catonsville: 3 Local women artists photos
           Spring:  Finding Beauty in the Patapsco Valley: paintings, Ed Johnson photos
           Fall 1:  Circular Reasoning: photos & drawings by Howard Greenberg photos
           Fall 2:  Quilts as History:  African American Quilters of Baltimore photos
2016 – Shows planned with the support of Salem members & outreach
           Winter: Holy Land Photo Show: Submitted photos from Nov’15 trip photos
           Spring:  Youth Art Reboot: Salem youth & Catonsville outreach photos
           Fall 1:   Distilling the Essence:  Shirley Hubalek’s drawings photos
           Fall 2:   A Stitch in Time:  Needlework by Salem members & friends
           Spring:  Senior Art Show
           Fall 1:  Galapagos! Art Show
           Fall 2:  Nicaraguan Art Show
2018 – Winter:  Footsteps of Luther Art Show
           Spring:  Tanzania Art Show